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Welcome to SCHOOL REPORTS CREATOR, online version!

In 2013, a team of three person I, ICYINGENEYE Pacifique, BISANGWABAGABO Obed and INSHUTI Victor designed a software that create students reports. This software was designed based on Excel formulae and vb codes.

Later in 2014, I released a new version based on the first one with advanced features and many other versions have been released in following years. This year 2020, I realeased a new version 2020.

This online version was designed to help those who need to create students reports everywhere they are. This version will also help students to view their marks even if they are at home. If teachers and students are at home, reports can be created and students view their reports any time.

Don't get tired of spending hours, days and days filling in School Progressive Reports for students. This program is designed to help all teachers in filling in School Progressive Reports. It is also of a paramount importance since it introduces them to the academic technology whereby teaching-learning activities are made easy with it. Using SCHOOL REPORTS CREATOR will provide several distinctive features such as: Beautiful design and intuitive use experience, instant updates of students’ scores, data about student’s achievement are automatically filled and updated in School Progressive Reports, probably 90% of your time will be saved and many more. Note that the stated program has a capacity of completing unlimited School Progressive Reports, Rank reports and Certificates of enrollment at the same time. Good, Easy and At everyone's door. IT'S TIME!

This system will help teachers to make students progressive reports everywhere they are. You can even use your smartphone to make reports!

Fist go to Registered school to check if your school is registered

If your school is not registered, request your headteacher or DOS to register it.

If your school is registered, select your school and category. You can select staff or student and then click on SELECT.

If you have selected to continue as staff you will reach this page

Here, you will need to log in using your name and password. If you don't see your name, request your Headteacher or DOS to register your name. He/she will give you the password you will use to log in.

After log in you will reach this page

On this page, you will be able to change your password, email, phone number and photo.

Also, you can continue as DOS or Headteacher to be able to update school info, create or delete classe, add or delete staff, update school log ...

If you are a teacher

Click on STUDENTS REPORTS CREATOR to select a class before reaching Menu page

To reach your class you have to be with class password. If you are not class teacher, you can visit a class but you will be able to view reports only. Nothing you can edit in the selected class.

If you are class teacher, enter password and then go to Menu page.

Onthis page, select your desired option and start adding students names, subjects, students marks and students photos. If everything is OK, students reports will be automatically created and then you can view your desired reports (termly reports and ranks, year reports and ranks).

This system allow classes with different subjects in all terms. If this option is enabled you will be able to add subjects in term 1, in term 2 you enter other different subjects and even in term 3. This system also create special reports for nursery level by adding some other features like childs every day activities (playing, singing, bevahior, ...)

If you have selected to continue as a Headteacher or DOS:

You will reach this page


On this page you can update school identification. You can also update school logo.


On this page you can create or delete ant class. You can also update class teacher of any class.

Go to Staff page to add, delete or update any staff


I hope that this system will help you in your everyday activities when creating students reports.


Kind Regards,




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